June 26th – July 1st 2023

Gene Key 52


Stress – Restraint – Stillness

This week we meet Gene Key 52, with its much misunderstood Gift of Restraint. What stressful patterns need to be stopped with an act of will this week? You can only find true stillness when you put the brakes on and pause.

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Collective Awakening

In this special episode of the Deja Blu podcast, Richard Rudd and polymath Robert Edward Grant discuss our collective awakening.
They explore the intersection of their individual works and ideas, and how these things overlap. Richard shares for the first time his relationship to Hermes, and how he inspired much of what came through in the Gene Keys. Robert Edward Grant explains what he has learned through Hermes, and how he weaves in ancient symbologies. 

Art of Contemplation 2

Poetic Pauses

‘A day filled with pauses is a calm and measured day’. In this video Richard Rudd deepens our insight into the magical nature of the pause – as a daily doorway into awareness of the beauty that lies around us. Learn more about the Art of Contemplation here.

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