January 5th – 11th 2024

Gene Key 54


Greed – Aspiration – Ascension

This week we dance with Gene Key 54 – Ascension. What do you aspire to in your life? What is the highest goal you could manifest in your destiny? Dream it into being and it will happen.

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Golden Path Open Call – Pearl

Your ‘Brand’ sphere guides you in how best to express your highest Gifts so that you can achieve true recognition in life. To learn more, join Tanmayo and Jesse as they journey into the Pearl Sequence with special guest, and fellow Guide and Ambassador, Mark Bentley. 

These free online sessions are open to everyone. Join us live this Thursday, January 11th at 12pm UTC.

The Buddha in Rags

In this video, Richard Rudd shares an old Buddhist tale in which our pristine inner being is discovered in a garbage heap under piles of old rags. He likens this metaphor to our work with the Gene Keys Profile, where we meet our challenges and one by one transform them, thus revealing more and more of our true nature. We are invited to begin with the four Gene Keys in our Activation Sequence, which elucidate our primary challenges and Gifts in life.

A Four-Month Activation Sequence Online Retreat


In this rapidly-changing world, the importance of anchoring ourselves in stability and with clarity has never been more paramount. This is why our upcoming virtual retreat is more than just an event, it’s a moment in your journey of self-realisation.

Join forces with Mark Bentley, Maria Hoffman, and Anabel Vizcarra, along with a vibrant global community, as we delve into the mysteries and marvels of your higher purpose. We’re not just going on a retreat, we’re embarking on an odyssey of self-illumination designed to transform your Shadows, activate your Gifts, and unleash your unique flavour of Genius into the world.

Guiding you through our best-selling Activation Sequence e-course, this retreat provides live webinars, community calls and a supportive online environment to bring the Gene Keys alive in your everyday life.

 What you will discover:

    • A personalised map showing your Shadow patterns, your Gifts and your potential as a fully-realised being
    • How your challenges in life can be the fuel for your creative Genius
    • How to create the conditions for Breakthrough
    • The importance of cultivating Core Stability before awakening higher states of consciousness
    • The difference between your outer work (which may change) and your highest purpose (which never changes)


We invite you into your own Genius…

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