February 19th – 24th 2024

Gene Key 55


Victimisation – Freedom

This week we meet Gene Key 55, whose highest purpose is to transform deep Victimisation into Freedom. Join our community as we contemplate and learn from Gene Key 55 this week. This is the key of prophecy, of the Great Change.

Ask yourself why were you born at this momentous time of massive change, and study this Gene Key to find out exactly why you are here on Gaia right now and what you are here to do.

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We can’t chase Freedom. We can’t run out and sell everything, and drop our dreams and become a monk or hermit drifting about. We have no chance of dropping our dreams. We have to be so patient. Freedom will come on its own, without our doing anything. We have to live as a human, with all the trappings and trimmings, and from within that our Freedom will arise.

The 64 Ways, Richard Rudd


The Spirit of the Future Epoch

This is one of the most thought provoking, revolutionary, prophetic pieces of writing you will ever read. It concerns the current changes humanity is moving through and where we are heading as a species. Filled with idealism and poetic metaphor, but balanced with down-to-earth psychological and social insight, this is a transmission straight from the source.

Venus Pulse

February 20th at 8am UTC

Join Alison Dhuanna and Joanne Ellis in our new room on Clubhouse exploring the Venus transmission as she weaves her magic around the calendar wheel. Explore her insights and the deep healing that she brings to the collective field.

Join us to listen, learn and share your voice with the community.

Two Paths into the Gene Keys Wisdom

In this short video, Richard answers one of the most frequently asked questions: how are The Gene Keys and The 64 Ways books different? 

If you already have a copy of the Gene Keys book, we invite you to click here and discover invaluable insights from the author on how to work with it.

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