September 15th – September 21st 2023

Gene Key 6


Conflict – Diplomacy – Peace

This week we will contemplate Gene Key 6, which holds the key to our collective future, realised as a state of limitless peace. May this be a peaceful week for us all.

This audio is no longer available to stream. Click below to purchase, or listen to the latest free audio contemplation in the current Pulse.

Dream Symbols in our waking lives

Richard Rudd explores the profound world of dreams and symbolism, the Gene Keys and the Dream Arc. Discover how prophetic dreams have shaped history, and how dream symbols synthesise in our waking lives. Richard discusses the significance of dream work in our collective evolution and the transformative potential of connecting with our inner selves through the magical realm of dreams.

Last Call to Embark on a Journey

Registration closes on September 16th

This is the last call to join our 3-month online Dream Arc Initiation Retreat. Registration closes on Saturday, September 16th.

This retreat is great for newcomers and returning voyagers alike! The Dream Arc is accessible to anyone, including those who have no experience or interest in the Gene Keys. The Dream Arc does not use astrology or a profile of any kind. You can explore the rich and diverse resources of this course without ever knowing what a Gene Key is.

If you are interested in meeting Richard & Rosy and experiencing the magic of the Dream Arc first hand, please join us on Clubhouse Friday 15th at 5pm UTC.

Here we have gathered various free resources to help you get to the essence of the Dream Arc. 

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