July 13th – 18th 2023

Gene Key 62


Intellect – Precision – Impeccability

This week we contemplate Gene Key 62, the Gift of Precision. This is a great week to pay attention to all the small details that often get overlooked in life.

This audio is no longer available to stream. Click below to purchase, or listen to the latest free audio contemplation in the current Pulse.

A Decade of Gene Keys Exploration in 60 mins

Elijah Parker shares his decade-long exploration of the Gene Keys in just 60 minutes. Discover how the Gene Keys serve as a contemplative tool, teaching us about ourselves and fostering connection amidst a divisive world. Dive into the transformative power of inner work, shadows, and gifts, and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and connection.

Understand Your Gene Keys

Course featured on The Shift Network

We are pleased to announce a special collaboration between our Gene Keys Ambassador Mark Bentley, the creator of this upcoming 7-week Gene Keys course ‘Understand Your Gene Keys’ that is being featured on The Shift Network in July, and Richard Rudd who will be joining as a special guest for the opening and closing ceremony.

You may have noticed the world is going through a transformational, confusing and turbulent era, which is only amplified further with new technologies taking the world by storm and kicking up all kinds of unique challenges to overcome as a collective and individually.

During this course, you will embark on a deep exploration of the Gene Keys teachings through the lens of our changing times, designed for both new and seasoned Gene Keys explorers to move through the fear of change and lean into it, ensuring we contribute towards co-creating a world that reflects our love for it.

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