The Pathway of Growth
Audio Journey & Synchronised Meditation

January 8th, 2021

Before beginning the meditation, please review the Mudra Video below.

Included in the Pathway of Growth meditation is a practice known as the Om Mudra and Chant. Below Richard shares this practice in more depth. You are invited to learn and practice this mudra in preparation for the meditation and audio journey below. Or, if you prefer, you may skip this practice and listen to the Pathway meditation without doing any additional hand mudras.

Listen to the audio journey exploring the Pathway of Growth

Find a comfortable and quiet space before beginning this meditation. It is recommended to use high-quality speakers or headphones to fully enjoy the audio journey.

Optional chanting-only track (30 minutes)

As mentioned in the above meditation, this chant can be done as a 30-minute practice alone or with others. Below is a version of the Om chant to support the full 30-minute practice. There are no other instructions included in this audio track.