Blessing of the Mystic Biome

by Richard Rudd

With our first breath, we bless this space, 

And we bless the warm blooded animal

of the body electric, filling this space

with the matchless Majesty of presence.

We bless the cool clean earth beneath our feet

and the soft footfalls of our ancestors 

their strengths and trials, 

And the long dusty lineage 

of their laughter and tears.


We bless mother and father, boy and girl

We bless the honey of voice, the hearth of food

and we honour the songs of our elders,

Their roots rising to the stars,

Rich with the ore and the wisdom of the land.


With our second breath we bless the elements – 

the wuthering of the wind in the lonely valley,

the lovely lichens and soft musky mosses,

and the sacred earthfire, burning magenta

in these hollow hills of ebony and gold.

We bless the waters and their beings, within and without,

and the silent glint of sunlight on the shoals.

We bless the distant cloud-capped mountain

And the sentinel of stone, the rune-script

of landscape written in river and rain.


With our third breath we bless the blossoming of Gaia

the sun-seasoned earth ripened with barley days,

the emerald nights of moon-winged moths,

and the listless sighing of the seas and the skies,

echoing the melancholy of loss.

We bless the hearts of birds and their liquid song,

and the crest of creation – our eternal dawn.

We bless the miracle of animal,

and all who swim and sing and scurry and scuffle and bite,

– One day all will be yours once again.

We bless the provenance of earth,

The dreams of trees, the endless weave

of herb, flower, fruit and funghi – freely given –

The Soul-food of Gaia.


With these Three breaths we Bless these Three,

Ancestor, Animal and Earth – the Mystic Biome.

May our hearts beat together in sacred rhythm

May we each be nourishment for the other,

May our lives be an eternal offering in love,

As we lie entwined and enshrined

In Perfect devotion to the green lore

where the fruits of Gaia are woven

Into the Field of Praise.

May all beings in this body be blessed.

May all beings in this space be blessed.

May all beings in this mystic biome be blessed.