Gene Keys Guides
A New Evolution

Gene Keys Guides – A New Evolution

A special update from Richard Rudd

Price increase will go into effect on 1st October, 2022

Dear Friend of the Gene Keys,

This season sees a new evolution of the Gene Keys, in the form of a raft of long-awaited features and services offered through our growing Guides Programme. 

What is a Gene Keys Guide? Simply put, it is someone who has made a strong inner commitment to embodying and modelling the principles of the Gene Keys in the world. 

‘A Gene Keys Guide is a role model of the contemplative way. With lucid mind, open heart and embodied presence, the Guide is a beacon of light during uncertain times.’

Our global Guides community meet regularly through Zoom, growing and weaving a circle of friendship and support across the globe. This Autumn sees the launch of our new Guides Entrepreneurs Club. If you are already a Guide, or are thinking of becoming one, this new arena is designed specifically for you to share and collaborate creatively in growing a flourishing business out of the Gene Keys. 

At the heart of the Gene Keys vision is a mission to ignite a creative movement that can change the world for the better. Our Guides community, along with our Ambassadors, is where this movement is most powerfully focused. We are creating a ‘can do’ culture, where creativity, freedom and collaboration are core values. If you feel deeply inspired by the Gene Keys and you would like to be part of this new evolution, then please consider joining this movement, and bring your genius and your ideas with you!

You may have many questions about the Guides Programme, and I have attempted to lay out the pathway to becoming a Gene Keys Guide in the video above, along with its many benefits and opportunities, from the spiritual to the material. 

All the new changes and features to our Guides Programme are laid out in this video, and they are reflected in the new price. From the 1st October, the Programme will go up from $500 to $750. A key feature of being a Gene Keys Guide is that you become eligible to share the Gene Keys professionally, through any of our courses that you have completed. You will also see that we have raised our Guides affiliate commissions from 20% to 30%, which we feel is a strong foundation for anyone to build a thriving business on.

Whether you are completely new to the Gene Keys, or a seasoned contemplator, now is a perfect time to get more involved in the Gene Keys. Our new free Activation Sequence calls with Elijah Parker and Tanmayo Lawson, the next evolution of our Guides Programme, and our big Venus Sequence Retreat, coming in November, are all part of a new energy and powerful purpose, designed to bring greater awakening to our fellow beings during these changing and troubled times.

I hope this message finds you well and I send my heartfelt warm wishes to you as we enter this time of seasonal change.

With love, 

Richard Rudd