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Announcing a new book by Richard Rudd

Union of all Beings

Excerpt from Dare to be Divine by Richard Rudd

The 45th Siddhi is in the Ring of Prosperity and unifies all beings, all hierarchies. We have already seen how synarchy contains hierarchy within itself. In this way, everything is ordered to perfection, and in this great order – the last shall be first.

This means that the closer you come to the centre, the greater is the flow of light through the eye of the divine heart. Then the light is refracted through the shards and prisms of all the divine forms. This is why in Tibetan sacred paintings, for example, you see Avalokiteshwara, a dancing deity filled with eyes. Those eyes are all the multifarious forms – lives through which the Divine Light plays, and each of us is one of those eyes.

And as this 45th Siddhi dawns in humanity, we will turn our eyes to our children, to those more innocent than ourselves in the web of life. Our children are also the animals, plants, and the beautiful beings we share our planet with.

Just as the angels look upon us with that limitless compassion and love, so will we look upon those below us. They are not in fact ‘below’ us, but that is the limitation of language.

True governance, which is the essence of the 45th Siddhi, is compassion. The natural order of life is expressed through pure-hearted beings. This is the pure life. And the Grail at the hub is the divine ideal around which all beings revolve. This is the web of all beings. This is the Round Table I have been talking about. Another mystic name for it is the antahkarana.

Thus will we rebuild our world by looking and seeing through the eyes of our children, and we will never harm anyone or anything. That will be our creed. We won’t kill for any reason. How can you kill as a child? This is where we’re headed as a species. Dare to be divine means that we all come together, we all gather together. That’s the name of this hexagram – Gathering Together. We work together in harmony. We are a symphony of beings, and the bliss that will come from the music we will make is beyond our wildest imaginings. What else can I say? Dare to be divine.

Place yourself in service to those who most need your help. Offer them your love and invite them to the communion table. Do this in the name of love and communion. And all you ever dreamed of will come to be.

Thank you for journeying with me during these teachings.
May your life be blessed.

Your true potential is limitless

This book offers a unique insight into the true magical roots of the universe. Richard Rudd takes us on a guided journey through the 64 expressions of enlightened consciousness (the 64 ‘Siddhis’ of the Gene Keys) and reveals a vast view of the true potential of humanity. Using his mystical, poetic insight, Richard shows us the many facets of enlightenment in its varied colours, expressions and hues, from the wildest states of miraculous God-intoxication to the humblest lives of service and silence.

Online Course & Future Updates

This book emerged from the webinar series and online course by Richard Rudd in 2017-2018. Dare to be Divine is currently being updated and redesigned to include new musical meditations, guidance and integrating the 64 Siddha Palm mudras directly into the online course. You can purchase the course anytime in its current format and all users will be updated to the latest version as soon as it becomes available. 

Updated online course coming soon!