The Lady’s Prayer

Here, Richard offers a sweet and simple prayer for Grace, emerging from the mystical teachings of the Seven Sacred Seals. The Lady’s Prayer is an offering of softness and gentleness you may feel called to recite at dawn and dusk, or any time you wish to invoke Grace into your everyday life.

Seven Days of Grace

The Lady’s Prayer

Our Lady, who lives at the heart of all form,
Hallowed be thy name.

May thy Queendom come,
May thy Will be done
That heaven may come to earth.

Please allow me this day
To drink from your sacred, silver spring
And forgive me my forgetting
As I learn through your Grace
To return all non love with Love,

And take me by the hand
And lead me step by step
Into the patient valley of your Heart

For yours is the earth, my body and my life
For ever and ever.