Venus Videos & Interviews

Free Resources on Love, Relationships, and the Gene Keys

October has been filled with a series of richly diverse interviews on the subject of love, relationships and the Venus Sequence. Why not follow your intuition and pick one to watch!

Introducing the Venus Sequence

Free Four Part Series – October 2020

Venus Sequence Reading with Ronnie Landis

Live Venus Sequence reading with Richard Rudd & Ronnie Landis

World Happiness Academy with Luis Gallardo

World Happiness Academy with Luis Gallardo

DeJa Blu – Death, Triggers, and DNA

DéJa Blu Podcast – October 2020

Findhorn Foundation Interview

Findhorn Foundation – October 2020

Venus Dialogue with Richard & Tanmayo

Replay from Live Broadcast October 7th, 2020

Global Coherence Pulse – The Next Big Wave

Replay from Live Global Coherence Pulse – Oct 17th, 2020

Portal to Sovereignty

Venus in Action with Ellie Seilern

Interview with Ellie Seilern