Important Updates

Latest Fixes

  • Free Profile set to view Lines and Shadow, Gift, Siddhi by default
    • User can still turn on and off functions using the advanced features switches on right hand sidebar of profile
  • LearnDash Updates
    • Lesson navigation added to bottom of lesson/topics to support easier step by step navigation in new online courses
    • Footer fixed in LearnDash view
  • Mudras Gallery fixed
  • Social / Forums Updates
    • Some HTML parsing errors fixed in forums
    • Added Notifications Bell Icon to easily collect recent activity on discussion threads, private messages, or connection requests
  • Profile Page Updates
    • Connections / Forums / Groups links on profile page fixed
    • Updated Account Settings Options
  • Added “Reset Course Progress” button to Activation Sequence LearnDash
    • This button resets your topics and lesson to %0, for those who accidentally clicked ahead or prefer to start fresh
    • This button does not delete any saved course notes you have taken
    • This feature is currently in beta-test for Deep Dive into Genius June 2020
    • To clear your progress and return to the beginning of the course, click the purple Reset Course Progress button –

Known Issues – Under Review

  • Edits / Fixes needed for several languages other than English on the Profiler
  • Some visual bugs are still being developed in various pages and posts
  • We understand there has been some downtime this month as we completed updates, thank you for your patience.
  • We are investigating a new way to deliver 64 Ways audio downloads for mobile users, and to remove the “limits” for online streaming
  • We are investigating a new embed for Living Library mobile users
  • Known Bug – Visual error on some forums causing topics to “collapse” into unreadable column – under immediate review

In Development

Currently In Development

      • Ambassador Initiation – In development, now requires purchase and completion of Guides Foundation Programme. No date announced.
      • The Star Pearl – In development, no date announced
      • The Dream Arc – In development, no date announced
      • Books available on Kindle
      • The Delta – Current flight launched, improvements in development before second round launches
      • Site Improvements – Coming Soon
        • Improved Course Navigation & Study Group Forums
        • Improved “My Account / Profile” pages for easier access
        • Profiler Stability Upgrade

Site Revisions

July 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Mudras Gallery display issue fixed
  • Some HTML parsing issues in forums fixed
  • Some Profile Photo issues / permissions fixed

Account Settings Update – User can now edit their own account settings from Profile Dropdown –> Account Settings

  • Update your own Email Address or Password
    • User navigates to “Login Information” tab from account settings
    • User must type in current password in order to change email or password for security
    • User can leave password blank if they want to change email but keep same password
    • User must verify email change from the original email inbox before it takes effect
  • Update your own Email Notification Preferences
    • If user does not want to receive emails, select all to “no”
    • Most of the “social group” options are not relevant or available at this time
    • Please note this does not change your mailing list / newsletter preferences, only Group based activity notifications
  • Change your Privacy Info
    • Public means anyone can see if they navigate to their member page
    • All Members means only logged in people can see
    • My Connections means only users who have accepted connection requests with one another
  • Export Personal Data (GDPR)
    • You can request your personal data export from their profile
    • User must confirm request via link sent to their email
    • Admin team will provide a download link for the .zip export – currently under repair
  • Delete Account Option (note this CANNOT BE UNDONE)
    • This deletes all user information, posts, customer information, and profile data from our database
    • Please be careful as we cannot recover this data once you have deleted your own profile

Notifications Bell Icon

  • For users who have access to learning groups, this tab collects recent activity on your related discussion forums, connection requests, and private messages
  • This feature is currently in beta test, and is only available / relevant for our current virtual retreats – Delta 2020 & Deep Dive June 2020
  • Recent Notifications
    • Click the bell icon to reveal the latest notifications available
    • Select a notification to go directly to the related event which also marks the notification as “read”
    • Click the link “View Notifications” to manage and review all of your notifications
  • View / Manage all notifications
    • Click on link “View Notifications” to open up your notifications page. Here you can bulk select and mark notifications as either read, unread, or delete
    • You can also review previous notifications by category

Reset Course Progress

The “Reset Course Progress” button was added to the Activation Sequence LearnDash

  • This button resets your topics and lesson to %0, for those who accidentally clicked ahead or prefer to start fresh
  • This button does not delete any saved course notes you have taken
  • This feature is currently in beta-test for Deep Dive into Genius June 2020
  • To clear your progress and return to the beginning of the course, click the purple Reset Course Progress button –

June 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Changed settings for Delta Zoom calls to enable greater access
  • Removed misleading button causing users to accidentally leave Delta Groups
  • Fixed visual bug for Connections, Forums, & Groups – now accessible from profile page
  • Temporary fix for Mudras, working on long term fix for mudra videos. Now accessible.
  • There were a few errors for orders made between May 16 – 18th. If you feel your account does not reflect the orders you made during this time, please contact our support team with your receipt.
  • Affiliate display name now available during checkout. If you are an affiliate, please go to your profile page – edit profile – and change your first and last name for easier recognition for your referrals.

Theme Update – June 3rd

  • improved site access on mobile
  • new menu & profile page access
  • improved development flow for easier updates and changes (internal)
  • new features enabled for Social Learning system on (Deep Dive & Delta only)

Theme Update details (Beta Testing in Virtual Retreats)

  • Theme Update – improved site access on mobile, improved development flow for easier updates and changes, new features enabled for Social Learning system on
    • You may experience minor visual bugs while we finish updating all posts and pages to the new format
    • You will see the top menu has changed slightly, but all functionality should be still accessible for returning users
    • Only members of the upcoming Delta & Deep Dive Genius retreats will see some of the new features added, while we are still in development.
  • My Profile Page updated – users can now upload a profile photo, change their name and @mention nickname. Click photo/name in top right hand corner to view
  • Social Learning functions – New features have been added to provide a social network type function for learning groups and virtual retreats. Under preliminary access only for groups in the upcoming virtual retreats (Delta & Deep Dive Genius). Tools under development for all learning programmes and courses in June/July.
    • My Notes – Library of personal private notes taken from inside the new learning system (in development)
    • My Groups & Forums – Collection of Private Groups user is apart of, preliminary testing is for Delta & Deep Dive virtual retreats
    • My Notifications – Collects new notifications from Group Forums
    • My Messages – Private messaging inbox, currently only available for Delta members. Requires users to consent to the “connection request” before messaging is enabled
  • Returning customers will not be listed publicly or accessible via new social learning tools. Currently only Virtual Retreat participants will be able to use these tools, but they will expand to all users in future revisions. Customers will be able to “opt-in” to social functions such as a directory, message system, and potential groups or forums. (In Development)

May 2020

Site Transfer to more robust server

New server should provide more reliable speed, security, and scalability for all users access In addition, the development team is creating a better system and protocol for site upgrades, allowing us to enable new features, and edit/fix pages with greater ease and flexibility.

Fixed error in Mudras not embedding into Living Library 

Now users who have purchased Siddhi Palm Mudras product are able to view the Mudras for each key, embedded directly into the Living Library

Known Bug: Orders between May 16-18th

We apologize for anyone who has had difficulty with our system while we upgrade our servers. We know there are a few errors in the shop system for orders made between May 16-18th. If you have any trouble logging into your purchased courses made during this time, please contact the support team.

Zoom Privacy & Security Update

    • Please update your Zoom app or desktop client to the latest version, to stay up to date with privacy and security improvements from
    • We are continually monitoring the Privacy & Security implications of Zoom and any other third party software we use for our virtual retreats and open calls. Please click hear to read more

April 2020

Pulse Calendar Added to Events Page

Users can now search and view Gene Key of the Day transits by using the embedded calendar, or adding the iCal feed to their own calendar app.

Minor Updates to Living Library

Repressive / Reactive edited for GK51 and 3

Audio59 – New 64 Ways contemplation for Gene Key 59

Available for free –

March 2020

Ambassador Directory Added

Language Hubs Directory Added

Open Community Calls

      • Future Deep Dive virtual retreats

February 2020

Improved Checkout to add Affiliate names

      • During checkout, guests may enter Affiliate names. They can search by display name now, instead of just username.

Living Library Added back to

      • The Living Library is still being updated, and will be getting a complete upgrade in the coming months.
      • Living Library free resources are all now available, and searchable through the standard site search bar.
      • 64 Ways Audio Collection purchase now automatically embeds into Living Library
      • Siddha Palm Mudras purchase now automatically embeds into Living Library
      • Minor updates / corrections have been made on Gene Keys 9, 12, 13, 33, 34, 41, 52, 56, & 60.

January 2020

Added new buttons to the “My Account” page for logged in users

Added “Looking ahead in 2020” video and links

Added General Contribution product

    • For those who wish to contribute to the development of, give directly to Richard Rudd, or contribute to future scholarship/bursary funds
    • At this time, does not offer any tax deductions for donations.