A free transformational course
by Richard Rudd

As we relaunch our exquisite new Seven Sacred Seals course, we give the gift of Grace to anyone who would like to experience more awe, wonder and connection in their lives.

This mini course is for everyone, from those new to the Gene Keys to seasoned meditators, who want to connect to a sense of higher meaning and to witness more Grace in their lives through gentle, daily practices.

Across seven days, for approximately 30 minutes a day, author and sage Richard Rudd carefully guides us through a series of beautifully crafted meditations, rituals and reflections, with the intent of becoming more connected with ourselves and the Divine.

Day One – Invoking Grace

Day Two – Creating Quiescence

Day Three – Embracing Forgiveness

Day Four – Finding Flow

Day Five – Radiating Love

Day Six – Softening into Transformation

Day Seven – Entering the Miraculous

Tools needed:
A journal, pen, and the simple intent to connect and ground to sacred energies.

Approximately 30 minutes per day


Based on the Seven Sacred Seals

A Mystical Transmission of Grace

Based on
the Seven Sacred Seals

A Mystical Transmission of Grace

What is Grace?

Grace is many things….but above all it is forgiving, gentle, uplifting and hugely transformational. It can turn a whole life around in a single moment.

Inspired by our popular online program The Seven Sacred Seals, this mini-course offers you a preview of the power of Grace. Once you’ve tasted it, you may wish to dive into the deeper program!

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