Site Maintenance

The Gene Keys developer team will be doing some big renovations on the website architecture over the next few weeks. During these planned site maintenance times, the website will be offline. So if you are hosting or attending any live event on the dates listed, please be aware that all of our online courses and the free profile generator will be offline for a few hours.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. After these repairs are complete, we hope everyone will get to enjoy faster and more reliable access to all of our online offerings.

Please plan accordingly for the following dates. We hope that you enjoy your pause away from the online programs to enjoy your contemplations out in nature.

While the date is set, the actual time frame of downtime are estimations and may be changed on the day of the site maintenance.

May 15th – 2 hour downtime (estimated 1pm ET – 3pm ET)

May 22nd – 2 hour downtime (estimated 1pm ET – 3pm ET)

May 29th – 8 hours downtime (estimated 12pm ET – 8pm ET)

June 14th – 3 hour downtime (estimated 1pm ET – 4pm ET)

June 18th – 30 minutes downtime (estimated 9pm ET – 9:30pm ET)

July 11th – 2 hour downtime (estimated 1pm ET – 3pm ET)