Six Senses - a special gift for you

The special gift from Richard Rudd has now expired. If you are interested in learning more about the Art of Contemplation, please click below to purchase the online course.

If you are interested in a free step, we also have an amazing program called the Seven Days of Grace. This is a great way to begin your journey into contemplation.

As a special gift for the attendees of The Art of Contemplation talk with Richard Rudd and At Home with Six Senses, we would love to invite you on a deeper journey Into the mystery with Richard Rudd and The Gene Keys.

A core part of the teachings is The Art of Contemplation. I’d like to offer you a gift of our popular online Art of Contemplation programme. Designed to dovetail perfectly alongside the book, this program includes the audio version of the book read by Richard, and a simple structure to follow, with exquisite meditations set to music, videos to enhance your practise along with practical tips and insights on Contemplation. This gift is just to give you a taster of my work and will only be live for one week from today. It’s only a short online programme, so I do hope you enjoy exploring it…

Richard Rudd’s work also encompasses a substantial body of work and teachings called The Gene Keys. If you are up for an adventure, we invite you to download your free Gene Keys profile, which lays out your innate purpose, your life’s work and the narrative of your evolution in this life. To help you further in this journey, click here to explore our complimentary first step of this journey.

To stay in touch with Richard and our Gene Keys community, please sign up for The Pulse, a weekly love letter to our community, which tracks the global themes of the Gene Keys as they imprint our planet every 6 days. This is also a wonderful way to learn about the Gene Keys, as Richard releases a free audio of each Gene Key every week.

Finally, please join us for a biggest event of the year – a live, in-person event with Richard on the 14th of May in Boulder, Colorado. You can join us in person or via live-stream. Click here to find out information on our tickets.

I hope you enjoy working with the Art of Contemplation through the Programme, and I wish you much love and ease in your ongoing journey.


The Art of Contemplation