The Gene Keys Approach

To be a Guide for others, you must become a lamp unto yourself 

The Gene Keys Approach is a set of four qualities that we embody and share through our own contemplative practice and in our day to day interactions within the growing global Gene Keys Community. 

  • Contemplation – Model and inspire the principles of Pausing, Pivoting and Merging; Guide people into the Synthesis.  
  • Inquiry – Ask the right questions, inviting wisdom to come from within; Every shadow contains a Gift 
  • Gentleness – Encourage unwinding and un-learning, versus fixing and doing; Allow, Accept, Embrace 
  • Patience – Cultivate openness, honesty and curiosity. Wisdom doesn’t come from ‘knowing’ all the Gene Keys  

Agreements for participation in Hosted Calls

We ask participants of our online virtual retreats and hosted community calls for their consent and agreement to these Values: 

  • Embrace the Gene Keys Approach through the practice of Inquiry, Contemplation, Gentleness and Patience.
  • Listen to others sharing without interrupting. Remain open hearted, respecting others in word and action. 
  • Help to model respect with your full presence. (Please don’t be distracted by your devices or environment.) 
  • Receive others in silence and compassion, without judgement. (if you find yourself judging another unkindly, pause and acknowledge your own feelings.)
  • Hold in confidence and respect what is shared between you and please do not share outside of the group.  
  • Use “I” statements and share from your own personal experience and feelings. 
  • Welcome feelings that arise as opportunities of insight and contemplation. (allow, accept, embrace)  
  • Avoid giving unsolicited advice and please keep any professional or therapeutic opinion to yourself whilst cultivating the quality of humility.

Each programme is a personal journey of self-exploration that should not be entered into lightly. Your participation in this program is your acceptance that we do not provide any type of psychological, therapeutic support or other professional advice. You are fully responsible for your own wellbeing, choices and actions.