Solar Plexus and the Sixth Race

Discussing the future consciousness of humanity

In this free webinar, Richard discusses the involutionary forces that underpin our current epoch of great change. For centuries, the sages have spoken of a new ‘Sixth’ race of humans that will supersede our current homo sapiens. Every Gene Key shows us the potential for realising this new transcendent reality, which is being sparked by a transmutation of the 55th Gene Key. In this webinar we explore this shift in consciousness through the story of Involution, which depicts the 7 great phases of consciousness as it descends into matter. Understanding this great story can have a powerful impact on our lives and our ongoing practise with the Gene Keys. We learn how to weave this transmission into our daily contemplation, opening us up to the higher and more rarified frequencies of the Gene Keys.


1. Attunement
2. Transmission
3. Q and A
4. Self Illumination
5. Quintessence

Running Time: approx 100 mins

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