Discovering Your Genius

Our most popular self-study course, this exciting programme provides the perfect introduction to understanding your Gene Keys Profile.

Here you will learn how to awaken your 4 Prime Gifts, the cornerstones of your particular genius in life.

The path through your Activation Sequence is a simple, self-teaching journey that comes alive in your life as you walk it. Transform your challenges. Activate your Gifts. Unleash your genius into the world.

The Gene Keys are an invitation to begin a new journey in your life. They are a journey of embodiment to unlock the vast wisdom and love that lies sleeping within your DNA.

Programme Features

What you will discover

  • a personalised map showing your Shadow patterns, your Gifts and your potential as a fully realised being

  • how your challenges in life can be the fuel for your creative genius

  • how to create the conditions for breakthrough

  • the importance of cultivating core stability before awakening higher states of consciousness

  • the difference between your outer work (which may change) and your highest purpose (which never changes)


  • 10 learning modules with inspiring videos, meditations and contemplative tasks

  • Teachings laid out in easy-to-follow chapters, explaining all the components of your Profile

  • Your personalised Gene Keys Profile embedded directly into the course

  • 4 audio contemplations describing each of your Prime Gifts, drawn from the 64 Ways collection

  • guided musical meditations to deepen your experience of the Pathways

  • notes functions to track your course progress in our newly updated learning system

Golden Path Open Calls
Free Q&A Sessions

A new series of live Q&A sessions will be offered over the next few months as additional support for newcomers to the Golden Path. These calls are free and open to anyone interested in learning more about their own Gene Keys profile.

Discovering Your Genius

Are you ready to begin your voyage of self-illumination?

The Activation Sequence - $150
(Price is in USD and includes all taxes where applicable)

'This is the most profound material I have ever come across. Take the Golden Path journey through the Gene Keys transmissions toward transformation. It’s an amazing gift to humanity and a real solid way to awaken into higher consciousness.'

'This is the best synthesis of systems and occult knowledge I have ever encountered. Its truth resonates deeply. The Golden Path, now offered by Richard Rudd, provides a systematic process for contemplating and integrating the Keys.'

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