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Introduction to the Gene Keys

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Welcome to the Gene Keys Golden Path

‘You are about to begin a beautiful journey into the higher purpose of your life. Everyone would like to know why they have come here. This question is as old as the hills. But, as you will discover, the Purpose of your life is not so much about what you are here to do as how you are to do it. What you are here to do is of secondary importance. Our primary purpose is to live well, to live with passion, to learn from our mistakes and to continually expand beyond the parameters set by our minds or the minds of others.

A life in which we make mistakes and take full responsibility for those mistakes, without recourse to blame, is in some ways even more admirable than a life of impeccable morality. Our very human nature is to grow. So the purpose of your life is not a fixed mark. It is an ever-changing alignment to the core of your humanity, to your ability to forgive yourself and others and to keep the fires of your enthusiasm burning ever brightly.’

Richard Rudd

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