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Affiliates Payout Schedule Update – May 2023

Your monthly affiliate payouts will now be made in the billing cycle at least 30 days after the initial purchase, to account for our site-wide refund policy and sales tax requirements.

April Commissions will still be paid out within the first ten days of May. However, beginning with May Commissions, this new policy will go into effect.

This means for any referrals from purchases made in May, the affiliate payout will be made available in the first ten days of July, giving at least 30 days difference between the customer purchase and affiliate payout.

This means that no affiliate will receive any payments during the month of June while we complete this transition. Once this initial transition is complete, you will then resume monthly payments of your affiliate commissions.

Updated Schedule for Affiliate Payouts

Here is a list of expected payout times based on your referral sales

  • April Sales – Payout May 1st – 10th
  • No payout in June
  • May Sales – Payout July 1st – 10th
  • June Sales – Payout August 1st – 10th
  • July Sales – Payout September 1st – 10th


We apologize for any inconvenience. Beginning in July you should receive monthly payments without further delay. Thank you for your understanding.

A reminder that beginning April 1st, 2023 only Guides & Ambassadors will be able to be an affiliate and gain referral commissions.

Invitation to join the Guides Programme

Richard Rudd shares about the upcoming changes to the affiliate system.

A heartfelt thanks to you all for your commitment, increasing the audience for the Gene Keys teachings and for being a beacon of light in these times of great change. We look forward to working with you to deepen our commitment, grow our businesses and bring prosperity for all.

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Instructions for Affiliate Features

Update December 2022

We have recently improved the Creatives / Branding resources section for all affiliates. We will update this tutorial video soon to reflect these changes. For now you may click “Branding Resources” at the top of this page to view the entire Affiliate Asset Library.

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