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Affiliates Update April 5th, 2022

We will shortly be sending you all an updated agreement. No signature is required – the use of our affiliates programme indicates your acceptance of the agreement. The key updates in this agreement are:

a) From May 1st 2022, we are going to use Gene Keys Limited as the company that will be operating the website and this includes our affiliate programme. This company is owned 100% by Gene Keys Publishing Limited and is the company you are currently an affiliate with. The reason for this change is purely corporate. It will keep our publishing operations separate from our online courses and events.

b) At the end of our financial year, which was on March 31st, we have wiped any commissions owed to you that are less than $10. Whilst this may seem unfair, it is just too costly in admin and bank charges for us to pay less than $10. Throughout the year, we do accrue this each month, until you reach over $10 and then we pay this to you. But we do need to draw a line on this at the end of each financial year. We will put all these sub-$10 amounts into our Syntropy Hub, and these funds will be of service to others.

Becoming a Guide: Opportunities and Benefits

The best way to get the teachings out far and wide is to support our growing Guides community as much as we can. From April 1st 2023 (just under a year from now) only Guides will be able to be an affiliate.

So if you are not yet a Guide, in order to continue to be an affiliate from April 1st next year, we encourage you to purchase and complete the Activation and Venus Sequences so that you are eligible to purchase the Guides course.

We currently offer up to 50% scholarships on the Guides course, so if you are struggling financially you can apply for financial assistance to purchase the Guides Programme. There are no guarantees of getting the assistance you request, but there are also no limits on how many times you can apply.

We are working hard to support our Guides Community – in particular those who are or are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs and using the Gene Keys in their business. One initiative we are working on for our Guides community is an entrepreneurs club with regular talks and community networking opportunities. Date of launch to be confirmed.

Data History

From May 1st 2022 we will only be able to keep approximately the last twelve months of commission data, i.e., we will delete anything prior to April 1st 2021. This is due to a limitation on our web system.

Manual Commission

While we have added a few commissions manually for some affiliates recently, the admin cost is simply too high, so we won’t be able to continue doing this. Please make sure that you encourage your users to click on your unique affiliate link in order for the cookies system to work so that you get your commission. Please note: cookies are not a foolproof system. Users may not always click on your link to get to our website, so we can’t guarantee that you will get the commission. We are looking into other options for the future that doesn’t use cookies.

Message from Richard Rudd

Click below to see a video message from Richard Rudd regarding the changes to the affiliate system.

Thank You!

A heartfelt thanks to you all for your commitment, increasing the audience for the Gene Keys teachings and for being a beacon of light in these times of great change. We look forward to working with you to deepen our commitment, grow our businesses and bring prosperity for all.

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