Alaya DeNoyelles

USA – Ashland, Oregon

Alaya is a Classical Five-Element Acupuncturist, originator of AcuPresence® and a Gene Key Ambassador. She blends these passions with her embodied wisdom and knowledge from 30 years of experience as a healing professional. Her desire to understand and reveal the connection between the I Ching Hexagrams/Gene Keys and the “Sacred Sites” of acupuncture points began in 2005, leading her to author and publish AcuPresence® and birth I Ching AcuPresence® into the world. Alaya brings her presence, generosity of spirit, and deep compassion into her healing practice, holding a coherent space for healing and transformation to occur. Sessions offer an invitation to awaken and align with your divine blueprint. She is deeply honored to be of service as an Ambassador for the Gene Key transmission and joyously welcomes opportunities to support others with her love and offerings.

Services Offered

    • In-Person and On-Line Sessions
    • Workshops, Retreats and CEU Courses
    • Gene Key Gatherings and Guidance

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