Amma Li Grace

USA – Oregon

Amma Li is a natural born artist of consciousness and explorer of the human psyche. Motivated by an endless curiosity for growth and a passion for integrating shadow, Amma Li supports her clients to liberate their creative force and restore healthy relationship with all life. Drawing from 12 years of immersive study in Western Astrology and the Gene Keys, along with her ingenuity as an improv performance artist, Amma Li offers an original approach to the process of unlocking genius and embodying soul, carrying both a lightness and a penetrating depth. Translating archetypal information and bringing symbol alive in the heart of everyday life are but a few ways that Amma Li inspires people to remember who they truly are and live accordingly.

Services Offered

    • Gene Keys consultations
    • Gene Keys Astrology sessions
    • Creative Contemplation coaching
    • Gene Key of the Day videos
    • Workshops + Retreat facilitation

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