Anisoara Cismasu

Bucharest, Romania

Always curious about Life mysteries and human transformational processes, Anisoara have searched for Truth in many places and had lived many adventures. In the last 13 years she studied different healing modalities which took her in the point of practicing Divine Alignment Therapy. She is also a New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation Teacher. The Gene Keys transmission appeared in her life in 2013 and it was Love at first side. That kind of Love that never fade away. She traveled to Canada to receive from Richard Rudd the transmission of the Seven Sacred Seals and to Findhorn, Scotland, for the Star Pearl retreat. Then of course, becoming a Gene Keys Ambassador felt the most natural thing in the world.

Services Offered

    • Guidance through the hologenetic profile
    • Gene Keys related workshops
    • The circle of sisters

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