Bella Krystal



“Follow your own unique rebellious spirit out into the world.”

Bella weaves many paths into one, threading the ancient paths of YOGA AND TANTRA and bringing a strong connection to the SHAMANIC WISDOM of South America into all that she offers. Gene Keys & Human Design REVEAL THE GIFTS and challenges encoded IN OUR DNA and empower us to TRANSMUTE SHADOW PATTERNS INTO GOLD. We start living to the fullest – aligned with our Genetic Blueprint and Soul – serving the whole through our CREATIVE EXPRESSION.

Enlightenment isn’t about transcending the physical body – it’s about GROUNDING IN OUR PHYSICALITY and opening the heart. We ALLOW LIFE FORCE to move through us, with its extraordinary power to unlock unprecedented levels of awareness, divine TRUST, LOVE, AND INTIMACY.

Re-Alignment & Sessions

In working with Bella, you will RE-ALIGN with your COSMIC BLUEPRINT – encoded in our DNA – threading the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s about FREEING you from what isn’t you – to fully express our UNIQUENESS in the world and in relationships. Some areas you will look into are your Greatest Challenge, Life Purpose, Intimacy & Sexuality, Kundalini, Genius, Decision Making, and Health & Vitality.

In the first sessions, you will get a clear ROAD MAP to come back to whenever you lose your center or grounding. You can also look at a joined road map/CONNECTION CHART with your PARTNER, CHILDREN, or someone you have challenges with. In the following sessions, you get support to live your Design and STEP INTO YOUR GENIUS in your everyday life. You can also take sessions along with the self-study of the Golden Path courses. The sessions are recorded so you can listen several times to integrate and go deeper.

Life Force & Intimacy

Bella sees the PATHWAY OF INDIVIDUATION in the Hologenetic Profile as the core of our spine and our KUNDALINI. When we allow Life Energy to flow through, our inner purpose (Purpose) can start touching the world (Attraction) and move through our heart (SQ) and essence (Pearl) so that we can embody our Divine Role (Brand) infused by the understanding of how we heal or fractal of the cosmic wound (Vocation).

She loves working with individuals and couples, exploring the SACRED INNER MARRIAGE between the masculine and feminine, found in the Spheres of SQ and Stability. When we start relating to each other from our CORE STABILITY – already feeling whole in ourselves – something completely new opens up in our relationship.

From SELF-LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE, we create true intimacy with our partner. This is a grounded, nurturing, SENSUAL, CURIOUS, AND TRANSPARENT INTIMACY. As we inform our cells with these higher, loving frequencies, we start healing karmic and ancestral memories and RE-PATTERNING OUR DNA. When we allow and contemplate whatever arises in this sacred container with our partner, shadows and fears can dissolve and we start experiencing joy, freedom, and togetherness. This is the TRUE SENSE OF TANTRA.

Leadership & Team Dynamics

Bella has extensive experience in the international business world and strategy consulting. She loves to work with PROFESSIONALS AND MANAGEMENT TEAMS. For many years she saw herself as a driven A-personality and she knows the challenges of finding a balance between work and the rest of life. How do we WALK OUR TRUTH while responding to life and the demands of a high-responsibility role in the corporate world or as an entrepreneur? Important keys can be found in our Hologenetic Profile.

Bella’s energy is passionate, sparkling and inspiring. She effortlessly transmits wisdom from the heart in order to guide the Collective into its higher path. Ultimately, her message is about Love and how to live LIFE TO THE FULLEST, while serving the whole with our unique gifts and creativity.

Services Offered

    • Work languages: English, Swedish, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese
    • Sessions:Activate your DNA
      Sacred Inner Marriage
      Gene Keys & Human Design
      Living Your Design
    • Unlock your Genius
      Intimacy & Relationships
      Manifestation & Prosperity
    • Connection Charts
      Team Dynamics
      Prosperity Matrix
    • Life Coaching Program:
      Tailor-made for each Individual
      6 weeks – 12 months

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