Bella Krystal

Sweden & USA

Bella is the co-founder of Unlock Your Design, an online academy where Gene Keys, Human Design, and Astrology are taught as tools for self-awareness and empowerment. The mission of the academy is to guide people to embody their truth and sovereignty.

“Ascension isn’t about transcending the physical body – it’s about grounding in our physicality and opening the heart. We allow life force to move through us, with its extraordinary power to unlock unprecedented levels of awareness, divine trust, love and intimacy.”

Services Offered

    • Work languages: English, Swedish, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese
    • Sessions:Activate your DNA
      Sacred Inner Marriage
      Gene Keys & Human Design
      Living Your Design
    • Unlock your Genius
      Intimacy & Relationships
      Manifestation & Prosperity
    • Connection Charts
      Team Dynamics
      Prosperity Matrix
    • Life Coaching Program:
      Tailor-made for each Individual
      6 weeks – 12 months
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