Chuck Willis

USA – Portland, Oregon

Chuck Willis became an Ambassador for the Gene Keys Program in 2018 and is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (Religious Science Practitioner) with the international Centers for Spiritual Living. Chuck and his wife, Geri, offer an inclusively welcoming, safe and unconditionally loving embrace to all those choosing to join with them in co-creating the expansive demonstration of this divine reality. Geri is a Master of the Heart, and of the ways of the kitchen, deeply grounded in all things practical and nourishing. Come and be fed! Chuck is devoted to the gift of Benevolent Presence, expressed as an ever expanding embodiment of healing Grace as Tenderness. Together, Chuck and Geri offer to explore with you a deep gaze through the inner window of the Infinite via meditation, contemplation, prayer and heart-centered sharing with a focus on the rich Gene Keys teachings. They serve in common-unity through the Sacred Marriage of their natural gifts and talents, honoring the One Family of All – and that includes you!

Services Offered

Chuck and Geri offer small, intimate group gatherings at their home in Portland, Oregon USA for mutual contemplation and sharing of the Gene Keys programs and teachings.
These include introductory information regarding the Gene Keys teachings and programs, mutually shared journeys through the Golden Path program, and through related programs such as the Seven Sacred Seals, Dare to be Divine, and newly developing offerings.
On occasion and in cooperation with others, they also offer guidance and Gene Keys program teachings to larger groups.
They can be reached at or (503) 419-8748.

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