Daniel Regan

Byron Bay, Australia

Dan Regan is a Gene Keys Ambassador and Inner Cultivation Guide who has dedicated over a decade embodying this profound wisdom stream.Since 2008, his journey of personal growth has involved a series of journeys and initiations that led him to an intimate understanding of the unconscious shadow mechanisms and the personal & collective wound patterns that are a part of humanities storyline at this time.His life-long fascination with the polarities of the light & the dark aspects of existence, and the archetypes that fill these spaces have been the guiding light on his path of self discovery and empowerment.He was drawn into the path of Shamanism and Alchemy, and his work is deeply grounded and infused with the earth’s rhythms, elements and the pulse of life. Dan specializes in anchoring mission-driven entrepreneurs and groups into a deeper sense of presence, magnetism & personal power – Achieved through owning, deconstructing and integrating the unique shadow and wound constructs that are waiting to be revealed, accepted and liberated in this life.

Services Offered

  • Coaching and Mentoring Services
  • Gene Keys Activation and Venus Immersions
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