Darshana Deborah Mathews


I was born in Northern California and grew up in the farmlands. My life has taken me on many roads that have held a deep pull to explore the magic and mystery of existence. I was professionally a singer and actress. I have traveled in Europe, India and Asia; lived in spiritual communities, met my life partner and gave birth to our beautiful son. I have worked as a Clairvoyant-’Empath’, a past-life regression therapist and an astrologer; I have learned from the wisdom of many beautiful teachings, including Essence and Energy work, meditation, tantra… many, many….

In 2005 the Human Design System and the Gene Keys teachings. With an ever deepening understanding of life through these works– I see this as a possibility for each of us – in each our own way – a possibility to uniquely unfold; to explore and find freedom and magic through our own beautiful form. I live my life now to guide and support those that are called to embrace the path of a life of bliss, adventure, mystery and Truth.

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