Elijah Parker

USA – Pittsburgh, PA

Elijah is a Gene Keys Guide, Ambassador, and a core member of the Gene Keys Publishing team. He has dedicated the last decade to integrating the language of the Gene Keys deeply into his life. This has given him a unique ability to transmit profound truthsin a spontaneous and elegant manner, sharing reflections from his own personal journey of cultivation and growth, and offering intuitive readings for his clients. Talented in both left and right brain modalities, Elijah weaves years of experience in the fields of design, animation, music, event production, and intermodal expressive arts.

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Services Offered

    • Gene Keys Sessions & Consulting (Personal, Group, and Business)
    • Tea Ceremony
    • Gene Keys workshops & retreats
    • Gene Keys Synthesis Deck & other Gene Keys Products

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Consultation Sessions – https://fractaldoors.com

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Instrumental Music – Onedoorland.Bandcamp.com

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