Elitsa Stoichkova

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

From the moment Elitsa Stoichkova found the Gene Keys in 2011, she knew she had connected with her life’s purpose. Being a primary school teacher , she has always been interested in helping people experience their full potential. As a part of the Bulgarian Gene Keys team, she is dedicated to make the teachings available in her native language, but also spread them world wide. She is passionate and inspired to support others in their process but also to discover new ways of playing and implementing the wisdom of the teachings. She is happily playing a role in the Multi-Lingual Matters team , Welcome team, Scholarship team and the Delta Fellowship team. She lives in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She is looking forward to share her rich experience of the Gene Keys with everyone!

Services Offered

    • Consultations – introductory and in depth through the sequences
    • Events – introducing the Gene Keys and the Golden Path (online and in person), Gene Keys and constelations, creative experience of the Gene Keys through suggestopedia
    • Gene Keys related creative products
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