Gene Keys Guide

Elitsa Stoichkova

Gene Keys Ambassador and Transformation Guide, GK sessions

Elitsa Stoichkova is dedicated Gene Keys Ambassador and a Living your Design Guide with a passion for supporting people and has spent the last 12 years imparting this wisdom to those that are in need of expanding their capacities in regards to their gifts, relationships or business. She initiated and co-created Gene keys Bulgaria organization, making the Gene Keys teachings available in her native language.

She strongly believes that every individual is a living genius and helps people to realize this by offering one-on-one readings and coaching sessions, facilitating group sessions, retreats and online experiences and mentoring individuals who wish to transcend their limitations in life or business.

Elitsa is supporting the development of the Gene keys translation partners worldwide and is a part of the Scholarship and Delta teams and Gene keys Consious Parenting Group.

Her extensive knowledge in Human Design and Gene Keys, coupled with her innate intuition and passion for people, makes Elitsa an exceptional professional in her field. In her career she is supporting entrepreneurs, leaders and people who wish to take their life to a new levels of understanding and freedom in all spheres. Join her on this transformative journey towards greater development and prosperity.

On a more personal note: She lives in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, is a lover of nature and animals, camping in the wild, listening to music and books, visiting new places, laughter and giggles with friends and a glass of fine wine. She also loves her tatami floors, playing instruments, South Korean historical dramas, following her creative sparks, drawing, swimming and driving her Honda called Muse.