Ibolya Beres

Bucharest, Romania

I am a joyful human being and I choose to live the richness of each moment. I was always driven by a deep passion for the fascinating world of the mystery hidden in the human beings. I worked for 20 years in the corporate world and for 8 years as a life coach and spiritual guide. Gene Keys was the deepest expression of what I felt life is, and it gave me the map, the compass and the art of contemplation.

How Gene Keys changed me? Before, I wanted to help people and to save them from suffering. Now, I can serve simply by being the role model, by embodying the wisdom. Gene Keys re-united me with my soul family, it brought me a community, a place where my soul feels it’s easy to BE, BE-come and BE-long. I learned to love people through self love.

And the most important thing I learned is that is safe to keep my heart open no matter what. That Fear is safe. That suffering is Grace. That Forgiveness is Freedom. I am honored to be here together on this journey. It’s such a joy to serve from delight and the easiness of my gifts. I feel blessed and deeply grateful for having the opportunity to be part to this beautiful synarchy.

Services Offered

    • Introduction to Gene Keys – How to read your profile (one to one or group sessions)
    • The Art of contemplation – Online
    • Study Groups

Contact – ibiberes@gmail.com

Website – https://ibiberes.com

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