Jane Adams

London, United Kingdom

Jane is a contemplative poet and a gifted artist of portraits and human landscapes. She has been a student of the ageless wisdom all her life; particularly Kabbalah (Warren Kenton, kabbalahsociety.org in London), Astrology, Alchemy, Tarot (Builders of the Adytum) and Indian wisdom particularly Ramana Maharshi. Chiefly she was curious to discover where the creative process originates, and was led to this through clues in life and relationships. She is available to guide and encourage you with creative writing, and with the language of images; or to discuss the Gene Keys. She works one to one by correspondence or meeting, and does not at the moment host any formal groups or classes. Jane lives in London near her daughter who is 42. Jane’s outdoor interests include rock climbing at the Castle centre and walking in the countryside or by the sea.

Services Offered

    • Working with Gene Keys: guidance in unlocking or understanding your profile and creativity, one to one, or in small group by arrangement.
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