Joanne Ellis

Robina, Australia

Joanne Ellis is formally an Accountant, turned Psychosynthesis Facilitator (i.e. transpersonal counsellor/mentor). She made the career shift after a healing crisis she went through in her late twenties.

Joanne feels blessed to be happily married to an awesomely supportive man (Ray) for over 35 years and to have the love of her 2 daughters, their partners and her adventurous grandchildren. Her heart swells at the touch of her son Jai’s soul, who is now in spirit.

Joanne was an integral member of the ‘Gold Coast Home Birth Group’ and helped create the ‘Silkwood Steiner School’ on the Gold Coast, where she become the Principal/Administrator.

Joanne went on to found a social enterprise organisation, where she runs mentoring and education programs catering to people who are willing to create change as cutting edge socially conscious visionaries, artists, healers, activist and heart-centred entrepreneurs in the emergence of a more just, compassionate and sustainable world.

For the past 10 years Joanne turned to Vipassana meditation practices to enhance her capacity for greater equanimity in her life.

Joanne discovered the gift of the Gene Keys in 2013 and has done many rounds of the Golden Path. She was blessed to be able to journey to Scotland in 2016 to participate in the unveiling of the ‘Star Pearl Sequence’ and is a Gene Keys Ambassador.

As part of her vision to empowering people to thrive in these profoundly potent times, Joanne launched a new endeavour called ‘Project Cohesion’ in 2018. This project was developed to assist people to commune from their heart at home, work and in communities.

Then in January 2019 tragedy struck Joanne’s family when their beloved 21-year-old son Jai, took his own life…

Shattered, traumatised and in shock, her family, friends and community came together to grieve, hold space and encouraged her to eat. “Nothing prepares you; I was left completely heart broken, not able to function, Ray and I sat numb looking at each other as we wept, slept, woke up just to remember that is was true and we’d do it all over again. I was emptied out.”

As time has passed and the healing continues, Joanne’s motivation for sharing her life force is to commune with and from her heart. This bittersweet journey has allowed her to rest deeply within her essence, her soul. She welcomes the strength that abides in the vulnerability, surrendering into her grief where the transformation into grace emerges.

Services Offered

    • To the Gene Keys community, Joanne tenderly offers a safe space to be held, heard and to take rest in. A place to heal from and enter the luminous heart of the sacred within.
    • ‘Heart Healing Journeys’ is the simple immersion into the heart through mindfulness practices that explore the discovery of the grace within all suffering.
      These group online gatherings are where we collectively create a safe space to surrender into deep listening as a gateway to intimacy with our inner life, each other and our planet. We explore ways where our listening gets blocked and practices that help us cultivate the gift of deep and healing listening presence.
    • You have the option of booking a 40-minute COMPLIMENTARY initial consultation with Joanne to determine whether you will go ahead and commit to paid sessions or packages.
      In this free consult, Joanne will give you an outline of different options, how she works and what you can expect to achieve at the end of your time together. Plus, a taste of what it feels like to bring your heart and mind in coherence.
    • Joanne also offers a FREE weekly 30-minute Group Healing Meditation.
      To view and book into Joanne’s online session go to