Joanne Ellis

Gold Coast, Australia

Joanne Ellis is a renowned activist, mentor, and way shower. She is an authority on spiritual sovereignty and a pioneer in the field of private autonomous enterprises.

Joanne is a qualified Psychosynthesis Facilitator, formally an Accountant, a Gene Keys Ambassador and Guide plus an Astrologer.

As the founder of Project, her mission is to build a worldwide communications movement that harmonises humanity’s heart. Creating passionate responses from within our soul, where sacred healing grace reveals humanity’s next evolutionary steps. Her projects are centered on cultivating the gift of deep, healing listening presence, focused intention setting experiments for group illumination, tapping into the field of possibilities to improve the wellbeing of each other and the planet.

Joanne is a grandmother, and partner to Ray. Together they dedicate their lives to a path of service, helping awaken and empower each other to our innate sovereign soul-infused nature.

Services Offered

    • To the Gene Keys community, Joanne tenderly offers a safe space to be held, heard and to take rest in. A place to heal from and enter the luminous heart of the sacred within.
    • ‘Heart Healing Journeys’ is the simple immersion into the heart through mindfulness practices that explore the discovery of the grace within all suffering.
      These group online gatherings are where we collectively create a safe space to surrender into deep listening as a gateway to intimacy with our inner life, each other and our planet. We explore ways where our listening gets blocked and practices that help us cultivate the gift of deep and healing listening presence.
    • You have the option of booking a 40-minute COMPLIMENTARY initial consultation with Joanne to determine whether you will go ahead and commit to paid sessions or packages.
      In this free consult, Joanne will give you an outline of different options, how she works and what you can expect to achieve at the end of your time together. Plus, a taste of what it feels like to bring your heart and mind in coherence.
    • Joanne also offers a FREE weekly 30-minute Group Healing Meditation.
      To view and book into Joanne’s online session go to
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