Judy Tancinco

USA – Cleveland, Ohio

As a natural contemplative, my entire life has been a spiritual quest for Truth.

I always felt as if I lived life straddling two worlds – bouncing between the spiritual/energetic realms and the physical world. I was endlessly fascinated by the dynamics of how the two interacted and sought answers for the bizarre experiences I had which no one could explain and often left me feeling ‘crazy.’ It fueled my lifelong search for some higher perspective or understanding that would ultimately bring them together.

This resulted in 35 years of deep spiritual contemplation of the mystics and world religions, delving into various personality models, as well as trainings and certifications in many arenas of energy healing, leading to my practice as a Holistic Health Professional and Educator. But something was always missing and the search was never-ending.

In 2012, a life crisis shattered both my private and professional life, creating the space and perfect fertile soil for Human Design and the Gene Keys to take root, eventually bringing together my inner/outer life experiences. It was as if everything that I had learned and experienced was scattered about me on the floor like puzzle pieces, and the 64 Gene Keys magically began to integrate and synthesize all those pieces… providing me with a beautiful holographic model that continues to reveal itself in the most surprising and profoundly eloquent ways.

My entire being immediately reverberated with the Truth of this profound work and my life has never been the same. I now recognize and use the Gene Keys as the ultimate tool for holistic healing. I love sharing the Gene Keys and supporting groups and individuals in their personal evolution and ultimately, the flowering of human consciousness.


Contact – genekeys.neo@gmail.com

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