Katalin Nagy

Budapest, Hungary

My life is about transformation (the transmutation of karma): owning my value and power while practicing humility and gentleness, serving while maintaining integrity and equality, and above all learning to open my heart fully and love unconditionally. I see my main role as an Ambassador in bringing the Gene Keys to Hungary, both by translating books and organising community life.

I am spreading the Gene Keys by setting up study groups, and I want to continue this by developing different kind of synergies based on the Gene Keys and other approaches (like body work, movement, art, being in nature, constellation work, etc). I am also actively involved in developing the ‘multi-lingual’ aspects of the Gene Keys. I am passionate about finding ways to include all voices and develop new forms of working together in the spirit of fairness, transparency and equality.

Services Offered

    • Consultations, study groups, introductory talks, walks & retreats in nature
    • Publishing Gene Keys literature
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