Kateryna Moskaliuk

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Kateryna is a conscious breath teacher, artist and divine feminine wisdom keeper.
On her path of self-healing and conscious evolution she was graced with the teachings of Living on Light, which she has applied and successfully embodied in her life. Now, living primarily on breath and liquids, she teaches others how to consciously co-create with Prana – Source Energy – for one’s integral healing, empowerment and awakening. 
 Her mission is to support others in re-discovering the amazing capacities of the human body, and its infinite potentials.

Living in continuous state of self-exploration, Kateryna is dedicated to contribute her gifts to the collective awakening of the human genius on the planet. 
She specializes in feminine healing & empowerment, supporting women in awakening their Sacred Womb space as a portal of infinite Fountain of Life.
Most importantly, Kateryna is committed to walk a path of Love and Devotion.

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