Katy Marianne

Stroud, Gloucestershire, U.K.

I live in Stroud, Gloucestershire & have been working with the Gene Keys since 2016. I have trained in a variety of healing modalities & chose to become an Ambassador because the GK hold the most profoundly transformative power to enable growth & deep healing… so I wanted to dive in deep! Now I feel inspired to share them with others who are curious.

My background is in Child & Adolescent Mental Health & I have trained in Eden Energy Medicine (my other great passion!), Shiatsu, Psych K, Spiritual Healing, Metamorphic Technique & also as an Educator. I work as a Tutor with children of many abilities & as an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Services Offered

    • I have held an information sharing evening with friends (also Ambassadors) & we plan to do this regularly… the next one will be in Hereford.
      I have the contact details of the attendees so that I can facilitate connections when anyone feels ready to begin their GK journey… & support them as they set out.

Contact – katynicol@msn.com

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