Linda Galvan

USA – Austin, Texas

Linda Galvan is a Life Transformation Personal Growth Facilitator and Spiritual Intuitive Soul Guide serving spiritually-minded women who are feeling stuck and seeking deeper life fulfillment and purpose.

Linda has helped transform the lives of over 2000 women in the past decade through her sacred transformational work. She assists women to align to their higher soul purpose through a unique combination of spiritual energetic tools. The women she serves gain clarity, increase creativity and find deeper purpose by opening to and embracing their spiritual gifts.

Linda has a Masters and Doctoral Training in Educational Psychology – The University of Texas – Austin. She did crisis intervention and trauma work for over 20 years in systems serving at-risk populations.

Certified Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Practitioner; Certified Gong Sound Healing Practitioner; Certified Level 2 Art of Feminine Presence Facilitator; Gene Keys Ambassador. Founder of the Awaken Your Light Academy, The Awaken Your Light Prayer Collective and Creatrix Collective.

Services Offered

    • Gene Keys Austin Facebook Group and Study Group
    • Awaken Your Light Academy & Prayer Collective
    • Private Spiritual Intuitive Sessions, Group Offerings and Transformational Experiences
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