Markéta Doubravská

Czech Republic

Markéta comes from the heart of Europe, from the Czech Republic. She met Gene Keys in 2010. After she had spontaneously started to translate the book into Czech she decided to publish it and spread its wisdom among the Czech people. She is now fully dedicated to Gene Keys transmission through promoting, translation and preparation of GK materials, communication with people in her country and building Czech GK community. She is part of Multilingual Matters Team of Gene Keys Society.

Her soul is an artist and shaman. She loves colors, music, painting, dance, writing and making photos. She has learned many therapeutic approaches and use various tools of self-expression and combine them with art, creation and dance. She leads groups and people to self-realization, to self-illumination. Her artwork is presented in the project For ten years she worked in the field of organic farming for its promotion and implementation in the Czech Republic. Markéta’s passion is working in the garden, growing and collecting plants, watching and communicating with animals. She loves her family and the beautiful Czech country.

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