Midi Berry

USA –  Southern California

Midi Berry has lived and worked in five continents and played many roles: university researcher, military wife, management and organisation consultant, medium-sized business owner, international development worker, historical novelist, planetary grid-worker and community co-creator.

She has always felt equally at home advising leaders in Fortune 500 boardrooms, working with grassroots organisations supporting deaf children, war widows and AIDs orphans in Africa, and hosting Process Work and Gene Keys retreats.

Proudly Welsh in origin, Midi now lives with American rock drummer husband Mark in California. She loves spending family time with her five kids and their children in Australia, Corsica and Ireland.

Since 2015, Midi has worked alongside Richard Rudd and friends to co-create Gene Keys community. She was the first Gene Keys Society coordinator and was instrumental in founding the Gene Keys Ambassador Circle and Delta Fellowship.

As co-founder and continuing member of the Multi-lingual Matters core team, Midi is passionate to support the Gene Keys transmission, as it extends across languages and nations around the world.

Services Offered

    • Midi is available to advise, counsel and support organisations, groups and individuals who wish to embody Gene Keys teachings and values in daily practice and service.
    • She also has a personal passion for integrating the wisdom of mythology, archetypal psychology and asteroid astrology within the wider field of the Gene Keys transmission

Contact – midiberry@mac.com


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