Miki Koerner

Maui, Hawaii

I’m a life coach from Japan, currently living on Maui, Hawaii. I met Gene Keys at the toughest time of my life. When my world started to shatter in front of my eyes, all I could think was I need to keep my frequency up so that I wouldn’t fall into a victim role in chaos. Contemplating on the Golden Path and Gene Keys have been a life saver for me not to drown in that drama. I don’t know how I would have survived through that time without this transmission.

My heart was broken into pieces once. But now I feel like my heart was has been mended with gold just like a Japanese Kintsugi Bowl. I feel more precious and my presence carries compassion. My heart has become tender and pure again. I love the feeling when I dive deep inside of my presence.
In that space I breathe serenity and bliss.

I enjoy silence, deep authentic connection and resonance through my heart. I practice tea ceremony and Zen to really cherish the moment of each encounter as my last one. Every moment is born and dying at that the same time. Because everything is dying, we can appreciate the exsistence of that life in very personal ways. I pay attention and pour my soul into ordinary daily action to celebrate each moment. I believe that attention is the purest form of generosity.

Gene Keys has honed my senses to interact with different frequencies in attentive ways to bring them into life.

Services Offered

    • Local study group
    • Contemplation/Meditation space
    • Tea ceremony
    • Workshop space
    • Session space
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