Naeodi Downey

Roberts Creek, B.C., Canada

Naeodi’s personal quest for a ‘higher love’ led her to the Gene Keys transmission in 2015, with a profound sense of gratitude and recognition. Her deep dive into the Golden Path and the Seven Sacred Seals, with her inner resolve to allow, accept and embrace whatever emerges, has been a powerful support in her commitment to the journey toward a full opening of the heart.

Her intention and commitment is to hold a space of non-judgement and compassion in her work with other, (individuals, couples and groups) and her passion for the Venus Sequence sparked the development and facilitation of a nine month transformational group program and process.

Naeodi is a Registered Psychologist with considerable experience working with trauma. She holds certifications in specialized trainings such as Somatic Psychotherapy, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, EMDR, and Family Constellations.

She feels honoured to be a part of the Gene Keys Ambassador Circle.

Services Offered

    • Gene Keys Golden Path Support and Counselling for Individuals, Couples and Groups
    • Activation Sequence Workshop
    • Nine Month Venus Sequence Program
    • Gene Keys Meditations and Ceremony
    • Body Focussed Counselling / Family Constellations / Somatic Psychotherapy (R. Psychologist, BC, Canada)
    • Gene Key Gatherings and Guidance
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