Orlando Daniel Stoicescu

Bucharest, Romania

Deep into the Gene Keys from 2015, I honor this teaching by embodying it into everyday life. From 2017 I started developing Mental & Emotional Deconditioning in Romania, with the Gene Keys as the main tool, a business to help people open so their native abilities will start to shine in their life. My work isn’t about reaching for the sky is about keeping it to the ground so from this process, one will gradually be lifted to the sky. I enjoy the revelations that guide me through what works and doesn’t work in this time and age and I’ve been sharing these revelations from 2017. As my own inner genius started to emerge, in the last two years, more than 400 articles were written through me, sharing the Gene Keys with Romanians and also my own findings about what the deconditioning process is all about.

Services Offered

    • Activation Sequence program, course or retreat
    • Venus Sequence program, course or retreat
    • Pearl Sequence program, course or retreat
    • Introduction to your Gene Keys profile through individual sessions, for people that want to know how to benefit from this amazing tool
    • Coaching using Gene Keys profile for people that feel they would benefit for short term encouragement (3 to 9 months) to start or continue their process

Contact – orlando@redpill.ro

Website – https://redpill.ro

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