Patricia Wald-Hopkins

USA – White Rock, New Mexico

PATRICIA (TRISH) WALD-HOPKINS is a licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Energy Coach, and Scientist. She has been practicing healing arts since 2008. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Environmental Health and Toxicology and for more than 20 years has assessed the mechanisms of how environmental stressors, particularly toxins in the environment, affect the body and the larger ecology.

Her focus for the last decade has expanded to include exploring the biochemical effects of essential oils and other healing modalities on holistic well-being. Trish’s work combines scientific and intuitive modalities that support you to live a life filled with joy, love, and creativity. She specializes in energy medicine to support your well-being and the manifestation of an enriching lifestyle based on your needs and desires. Trish uses a fusion of hands-on and distance energy medicine techniques and lifestyle coaching. She uses sacred sounds, essential oils, and bodywork to support clearing, healing, and nurturing of the physical body and light body, so that you can be at your highest level of luminosity in all your manifestations and creations on earth.

Trish also creates healing art, sacred spaces, and sanctuary for healing and living by clearing toxic energy from your body and spaces and filling it back up with the good stuff. She spent many years in the laboratory studying the biochemistry of life under environmental stressors, which has supported her alchemy and optimization of lifestyle to nourish the body and find harmony in your environment. Trish also creates alchemical elixirs with essential oils and crystals using high-vibration ingredients to create embodiment support through plant allies.

Services Offered

    • Local and Virtual Study Groups
    • Gene Keys inspired imagistic contemplations and essential oil perfumes
    • Bodywork and Energy Healing to support Gene Keys
    • Coaching for incorporating Lifestyle changes that are optimal for your design
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