Pavel Hicl

Pardubice, Czech Republic

Time ago I was involved to the organization of sales, distribution and marketing, when I worked for representative offices of a number of major brands in the field of small electronics, especially batteries and accessories. But finally, along with my searching for the background of my health and life circumstance, my life totally detracted from the taste of pushing something on a material level. This included, that my rational view of life made a somersault and stopped me in the waters completely out of the material plane.

Coincidentally, I was brought to Human Design, where my desire for knowledge did not want to wait for the new slow-moving years of study, and thanks to the possibilities of the Internet at that time I plunged myself into self-study. And despite the distant sense of the essence, I still felt that there something was missing to me. And when I registered Richard Rudd and that the life energetics dispositions can be viewed through radiated frequencies, I realized that precisely in that is the “”magic”” of something seemingly small, yet crucial one.

I began to translate the Gene Keys book for myself into Czech, because it is the language I live in, and through its picture I am gradually able to cover the whole meaning and depth of its life transmission. And what began to unravel before me prompted me to offer Richard a possibility to publicate it in Czech. And although in the end thanks to a series of unfortunate misunderstandings I did not publish the book, it became an invaluable tool of wisdom for me. And the view of human beings and our genetics through the Gene Keys eyes finally happened to be something, that allowed us (I speak about me and my wife) to gain quite an exclusive insight into the connections and the background of common human problems, from human health to family relationships, but in fact whatever human problems. We both look at human functioning from a slightly different angle, when she is the empathetic and trustworthy practitioner, and I am more the adviser in the background.

Together we’ve already had heaps of opportunities to see how deeply the human (e.g. the health) problems can be seen in this way, and so we think that in this view is hidden the future potential for medicine – as a self-healing and making the healthy environment for others. And on the basis of all the day-to-day mundane problems we do our best to mediate to people the energy of their lives and what their problems are asking for. And rather than to present the official Golden Path program I try to lead people to find its practical use in their life – to meet, to feel and to process something we tend to overlook in our lives. Always according to their level of willingness to delve deeper into their self-perception.

Otherwise, my wife and I have been married for more than 30 years, we have 2 adult children and we live a normal lifes in interior of Czech Republic in the city of Pardubice…

Services Offered

The following services are used to be realized in Czech language:

    • help with discovering of your life settings (the gifts, creativity and health hidden behind your problems and challenges)
    • various consultations to stay more open to your life – to take the intimate relationship to your life path, your life challenges, but also to more understand and to dive deeper into your Gene Keys, to your Golden Path, etc.
    • public lectures on various life themes and their available mirroring through the Gene Keys transmission
    • making or publicating of videos and articles with the theme of Gene Keys and/or viewing the life through the Gene Keys lens (through the view of life)
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