Peter Juhasz

Bali, Indonesia

Hi, it is a delight to meet you, I am Peter Juhasz, a transformational and breakthrough consultant.

I have been a student and practitioner of the I-Ching, meditation, spirituality, and many effective paths of transformation for over 25 years under expert guidance.

I focus on empowering you with the most effective transformational and therapeutic modalities in finding your equilibrium and insight. My biggest delight is witnessing the unfoldment of your awakening to the vast expanse of your consciousness through a course of structured deeply transformational coaching, using ancient and modern awareness techniques. I hold a deep and loving connection for you to explore life with more awe, joy, freedom and trust. I am passionate about guiding you in discovering the perfection in all aspects of your life, and to create a deeper intimacy with the incredible power of your own true nature and the heart of hearts of others.

Let’s get some serious wind in your sails.

Services Offered

A course of transformational coaching to transcend the limitations of your conditioned personality and ground your awareness in your true nature

  • Human design readings
  • Gene keys consulting
  • Cathartic emotional breakthrough sessions
  • Advanced heart brain coherence meditation training with live heart and brainwave monitoring
  • Workshops and meditation retreats
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