Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

Peter Juhasz

Bliss, Flow, Power & Non-Dual awakening integration

Peter has been initiated into the highest forms of Yoga and Tantra, practicing daily for over 25 years under loving guidance. He has been a student of I-Ching for over 30 years. He trains transformational practitioners, advanced Yoga and Tantra teachers in skillful means to transition their students into fundamental wellbeing.

He lives on a white sand paradise island with turquoise waters, next to Bali, freediving with turtles and dolphins and sharing ancient teas in ceremony.

He focuses on attuning the right practices for your unique constitution, to transition your awareness into unity, via a specific sequence of profound meditations and guided shifts in Identity.

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With the right guidance, Gene Keys can be your Ultimate Journey of awakening beyond the ordinary mind into your immortal Soul identity. Then experiencing a Soul dissolution into your true nature – becoming one with the singular awareness on which universes float as flowers. A complete merger with all that is. This consciousness is represented by the siddhic layer of the 64 Gene Keys.

Through deep attunement to your true needs, we can open your higher sensory perception as well, for you to expand into the infinite depth and unity of your Being.

We all have different stations of Identity. As multidimensional beings, the one singular consciousness fractals and reflects differently in each subtle body of ours. We have physical, astral and causal bodies and their unique identities and scope of awareness. These ripen and flower in seven year cycles and form their cluster of patterns. With Gene Keys we can indicate the exact patterns each body is imprinted with, forming the defense patterns of your unconscious, suffering small self, who is experiencing a temporary separation from its source.

It is time to celebrate. These are the days of Grace.

May all beings be thrilled by Love, Compassion, Grace and Unity