Sally Middleton

Findhorn, Scotland, U.K.

The Gene Keys flowed gracefully into my life when I moved to Findhorn, Scotland in 2014 and continues to nourish my life in magical ways. The wisdom informs the work I share professionally with others through coaching, business development and with private practice clients.
My primary role is working as part of the Gene Keys Publishing team supporting the teachings, business development, events, and the growing Ambassador Circle.

In 1997, aged 30 I experienced a sudden, life changing event which led me into a path of healing and self illumination. It was a momentous turning point in my life and continues to inspire the work I do and the life I now lead. During my working life I have gained experience and skills through a variety of organisational roles in retail management, coaching and people development as well as training as a somatic movement teacher and shamanic practitioner.

Services Offered

    • Private sessions – one to one in person Or on-line: 60 or 90 minutes
    • Introduction and ongoing support with your personalised Gene Keys profile and Golden Path Journey
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