Sandra Paul

Dunedin, New Zealand

Sandra has been in contemplation of the Gene keys for 6 years . The process is always on going and very profound. She is the founder and teacher at Lotus College in Dunedin, New Zealand. She has a Masters in Esoteric Psychology, Remedial Bodywork Specialist and is a Reiki Master/Teacher. Her passion and life’s work is the 47th Gene Key. She says “I do understand the process of the programming of ourselves from many angles and how one can make changes when they understand what that program is. The Gene keys has profoundly added to this understanding. She is brilliant in this area and has an ability to help you unravel the concepts that can hold you back in your life. At the same time she will help you to make a plan to transform the inner lead into spiritual gold.

Services Offered

    • Gene Keys Study Group
    • Esoteric Science and Psychology
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