Shantamo Kamstra

Zurich, Switzerland

I grew up in the Netherlands, where I studied philosophy and learned to make films. Then the thirst for the inner world took me to India, where I was initiated by my spiritual Master Osho. In the years of being part of that community I moved from simple manual work, like cleaning and cooking, to guiding meditations and from there into counseling and personal development.

Back in the West, I became a Human Design reader and teacher. In 2014, the Gene Keys came into my life. They have brought profound transformation and life-changing insights.

Thankfully, I now have the opportunity to share what I was given.

Services Offered

My ways to support you are:

  • Individual introduction into your Gene Keys Profile.
  • Guidance from a long-time Gene Keys explorer when questions come up on your journey.
  • Activation Sequence Course in the intimate setting of a smaller, online circle with personalized guidance.

Contact me for more information.

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